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Jigsaw RapidTraderPro Trading Platform Now Available

Posted by AMP Futures on Oct 3, 2016 10:13:34 AM


  • Here's a recording of our recent webinar, entitled: "Jigsaw Tools - Standing alone".  Historically, the Jigsaw tools have been plug-ins for existing trading platforms. This webinar discussed how those tools have been transitioned to a stand-alone platform. In effect, the new platform has plugged gaps that traditional charting platforms have ignored, without having turned Jigsaw into a traditional charting platform!

View the recording:   






This was the first webinar that discussed the architecture of the product, the unique features and took a look at where Jigsaw would be heading in the future: 

  • One size fits all platforms vs specialization
  • The plug-in isn't dead! New platforms supported
  • Standing Alone. The benefits to users and Jigsaw 
  • Traditional platform 'bug bears' and why we avoided them
  • Exit strategies
  • Intelligent orders
  • Exchange Traded Spreads
  • Volume Stops
  • What's coming next?
  • How will this impact the existing 3000+ users?


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